Teradyne - Semiconductor Test Division

Semiconductor Test is a lead-ing supplier of semiconductor test equipment for logic, RF, analog, power, mixed-signal, and memory technologies. We deliver test solutions to developers and manufacturers of a broad range of integrated circuits, packaged separately or integrated as System-On-a-Chip (SOC) or System-In-Package (SIP) devices. ICs tested by Teradyne are used in computing, communications, consumer, automotive, identification, and internet applications.

Universal Port Architecture
with Higher Port Count

UltraWave’s unique universal port architecture provides 12 GHz source and measure with uniform test capability on every port. UltraWave can be configured with up to 64 universal RF ports per instrument set and multiple instruments per system, easily providing parallel octal site test without needing complex DIB circuitry for high port count devices, such as WEDGE transceivers and 802.11n applications.


Faster Waveform Synthesis & Analysis

UltraWave incorporates Teradyne’s patent-pending TVS synthesizer technology that provides fast settling time to 0.07dB within 1 millisecond and superior phase noise. UltraWave delivers DSP per receiver (with calculations performed in less than 20 microseconds).




UltraFLEX Test Architecture:
Fastest Single-Site Test Time / Highest Efficiency Multisite Test

UltraWave leverages Teradyne’s UltraFLEX system architecture that incorporates Sync-Link test technology for pattern-controlled instrument set-up at device clock speed, System Broadcast for faster, high-efficiency instrument set up, and a Background DSP environment that puts data moves and analysis in the background of program execution. The result is the highest parallel efficiency for RF multi-site test.


IG-XL Software for Faster Development to Multisite Test

The UltraFLEX system’s IG-XL software operating system provides fast program development and automatic conversion of programs from single-site to multisite test. Graphical on-screen displays, like Smith charts, vector scopes, Constellation, and EVM simplify program analysis, debug and correlation to bench instrumentation for faster time to market. Variables and debug tools are available on a site-by-site basis and provide the ability to control all sites simultaneously.


UltraWave Wireless Test Instrument –  Features & Specifications

Unique Universal Port architecture delivers uniform performance on every port

–Up to 64 universal RF ports per instrument set

–Multiple instrument sets per system

–50 MHz to 12 GHz Source and Measure

–TVS Technology for the fastest settling time and lowest phase noise of any ATE wireless instrument

–Parallel stimulus and measure capability

–Noise source per port

–Vector network analyzer

–DSP per receiver

–Integrated AWG for modulated signal generation

Integrated Low Phase Noise Reference Source

–4 DUT LO source pins (50 MHz to 6 GHz)

–4 DUT Reference source pins (8 MHz to 100 MHz)

Multisite Software

–Graphical on-screen debug with Smith charts, vector scopes, Constellation, and EVM


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