Recently, Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT), a division of Teradyne Defense & Aerospace, hosted a webinar, highlighting the functionality of its ARINC 615 Ethernet and AFDX DataLoader. The contents of the webinar include:

Part 1 – Overview and Introduction to the ARINC 615 DataLoader Specification

Part 2 – Demo of ARINC 615 DataLoader Software Solution

The Flight Simulyzer DataLoader, as it is formally known, is a complete ARINC 615/615A data loader development kit that is equipped with a suite of software tools. The software tools support ARINC 615A data load and Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) file transfer operations – over both standard Ethernet LANs and ARINC 664/AFDX networks. Additionally, TFTP and ARINC 615A application programmer's interfaces (APIs) are provided to support integration of the data load functions into custom applications.

Compatible with Windows and Linux/common operating platforms, the DataLoader does not require a proprietary computing platform. For standard Ethernet LAN operations, it can simply be installed on any Windows or Linux PC with a LAN interface. AIT’s DataLoader has been verified ARINC 615A-compliant and has been proven to work loading A380, B787, and B747-B target LRUs. To learn more about this software solution/the features of this product, visit AIT’s ARINC 615 DataLoader page.