There's No Instant Pudding to Defect Detection

Presented by Alan Albee, Teradyne

Understanding the Role of Test in Electronic PCBA Quality

Whether or not they admit it, all printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) manufacturers produce defects. Typical modern Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines produce 300 to 500 defects for every million PCBA operations. Not all defects cause the PCBA to malfunction.

The goal of manufacturers is to detect, categorize, repair faults and correct the manufacturing processes that allowed defects to occur.

An improved manufacturing quality level requires a hierarchical test strategy and a complementary selection of test and inspection equipment. With an aligned test strategy and equipment optimization, manufacturers can focus their repairs on true faults and improve their processes to reduce the marginal defects that lead to these faults.

Alan Albee, Product Manager at Teradyne, discusses test strategies to help manufacturers strike a balance between the short-term pressures to ship product and long-term goals of achieving world-class manufacturing quality levels.