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TestStation™, Teradyne's flagship family of in-circuit test systems, provides high volume electronics manufacturers with reliable high-quality test for the latest PCB technologies.  TestStation’s standard hardware features deliver the industry’s most advanced production test environment.

The following features come standard on all TestStation, LH, LX, Duo, and TSR in-circuit test systems:

  • In-Circuit Analog Module (ICA)
  • High Voltage Source ±120 Vdc
  • Relay Drivers
  • IEEE/GPIB Controller
  • Alliance 2G Power Supply Rack
  • Integrated System Controller
  • Windows Based PC controller
  • Display Monitor

TestStation is a scalable test platform with configurable size, pin capability, and other test features to match your specific test needs and satisfy throughput, and budget requirements. TestStation systems allow direct transfer of test programs and fixtures from all 228X and TestStation in-circuit testers without extra costs or further program development.

Available TestStation Models:

Quality In-Circuit Test at an Affordable Price

Teradyne’s Flagship In-Circuit Test System

Concurrent In-Circuit Test System

Highest Pin Count,
Highest Performance

Rackmount In-Circuit Test System
TestStation LH TestStation TestStation Duo TestStation LX TestStation TSR
Maximum Pin Capacity 2,048 Pins
(Expandable to 4,096)
3,840 Pins 1,536 Pins
(per module)
7,680 Pins 2048
Maximum Pin Boards 16 30 12 Pin Boards
(per module)
30 16
Number of Test Modules 1 1 1 1 1
Supported Pin Board Types UltraPin II 121, 121a, 124
UltraPin II 124L, 128L
UltraPin II 121, 121a, 124 UltraPin II 121, 121a, 124 UltraPin II 124
UltraPin II 124L, 128L
UltraPin II 121, 124
Supported Fixture Types Small, Half-Size, LH Small, Half-Size, and Standard Small, Half-Size, and Standard Small, Half Size,
Standard, and Large
Vacuum, Non-Vacuum, and No Receiver Options
Clock / Sync/Trigger Pins Optional Standard Standard Standard Optional
Backdrive Control Optional Standard Standard Standard Optional
FrameScan Technology Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
SafeTest Technology Included Included Included Included Included
GR8X Compatibility Yes, Small or Half-Size
Fixture Types
Yes, All Fixtures Except Large Yes, Small or Half-Size Fixture Types Yes No, Custom Fixture
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