Configurable Serial Bus Capability with Integrated Real-Time Processing

HSSub 5050Best choice when current or future requirements include: 

  • Multiple concurrently operating buses to 3.125Gb/s
  • FPGA and processor configurability to support a wide range of lower and upper level protocols
  • High bandwidth, memory, and processing capacity coupled with predictable low latency interactions
  • Wired or optical I/O support

Technical Description

  • Up to 16 bidirectional serial ports provide for multiple concurrent serial buses, multi-lane buses, and wiring configuration flexibility
  • Combines low-level Tier 1 (I/O Bus Processing) and upper-level Tier 2 (Real-Time Computing) capabilities of the HSSub Three Tier Architecture in a single instrument
    • Reconfigurable Tier 1 implemented by a large Test Defined FPGA and Tier 2 by a dedicated processor and real-time operating system (RTOS)
    • Configured in seconds by HSSub Apps
  • HSSub Apps employ the HSSub TriFlex Infrastructure Software to provide application-specific instrument configurations
    • High-level TPS access on the Windows computer
    • Totally open access to the Test Defined FPGA and programs on the RT processor
    • HSSub App development, if required, is simplified by FPGA template code based on standard design patterns
    • HSSub Apps developed by Teradyne, end users, and third-parties
  • One instrument can support both copper cable I/O and Optical I/O (in conjunction with the HSSub-6065 Optical IO Expansion Instrument)

Key Attributes