ZT-Series Digital Sampling Oscilloscopes & Waveform Generators – Replacement InstrumentsTeradyne’s ZT-Series instruments offer potential replacement alternatives* for widely deployed modular oscilloscopes, digitizers and frequency references that are obsolete. Instruments are available for Analogic® and Lecroy oscilloscopes, Racal® arbitrary waveform generators and Symmetricom® modular reference.   

Replacement instruments provide physically and electrically compatible instruments that can be integrated with some or no software changes, thus extending the life of the legacy test system. These replacement instruments can also be used in new test systems, delivering backwards compatibility and simplifying modernization.

(Teradyne does not claim 100% Form/Fit/Function compatibility with the legacy instruments.)

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  • Applications
    • Replacement of obsolete equipment
    • Production test
    • I-level and depot test
    • Rubidium 10 MHz reference
  • Advantages
    • Provides long product lifecycles ideal for mission-critical automatic test systems
  • Configurations
    • Replacements available for:
      • Lecroy® XD222
      • Analogic® DBS907AB + DBS9905
      • Analogic® DBS901
      • Symmetricom® BC824
    • Optional Extended warranty/advanced replacement Service
    • Optional Interface adapters and cables
    • Training