ZT-Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators – 5200 FamilyTeradyne's ZT-Series modular waveform generators provide class-leading performance and support industry standards for easy integration into automatic test systems. Powerful hardware and flexible software combine to improve the capabilities of legacy equipment, maintain compatibility, provide assurance of supply and ensure product longevity. Available as standalone instruments, integrated subsystems or fully integrated components in Teradyne Spectrum test systems, the ZT-Series waveform generators are established in a number of key DoD programs.

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  • Applications
    • Arbitrary waveform generation
    • Function generation
    • Generation of synchronized waveforms
    • Production test
    • I-level and depot test
  • Advantages
    • Provides long product lifecycles ideal for mission-critical automatic test systems
    • Platform flexibility promotes integration with various designs and chassis
    • Forward-looking design facilitates upgrades to more modern instruments with minimal migration costs
  • Configurations
    • 2 or 4 Channels
    • ±14V or ±16V maximum output voltage
    • PXI, VXI, or LXI form factors
    • Optional Extended warranty/advanced replacement service
    • Optional interface adapters and cables
    • Training
  • Features
    • 14 Bit Resolution
    • 200 MS/s sample rate
    • ±14 or ±16V output models
    • 50 MHz bandwidth
    • 2 or 4 channels
    • Memory depth: up to 32 MS
  • Software
    For software-related inquiries, including downloads, please log into eKnowledge.