This FAQ answers frequently asked questions about Teradyne's Self Service Licensing Portal.

Why is Teradyne changing the licensing process? I like the tools I have today on the TestStation systems.

In the new TestStation software there has been a keen focus on obtaining efficiency in the software and software tools. This value has been extended to the licensing process to allow customers to obtain their licenses thru the Teradyne Self Service License Portal so the time between system installation and license deployment is as efficient as possible. In the Self Service Licensing Portal you are able to view your available and assigned licenses to be able to improve the utilization rate of the features available to you on your TestStation Products.

What other products use the Teradyne Self Service Licensing Portal?

The TestStation product line is the leader in deploying this feature. During the upcoming years, additional products will be added to the Teradyne SSL portal.

Is Teradyne offering "Floating Licenses" for all TestStation software?

The Teradyne Self Service Licensing process does is not a floating license server.  It is a license management process you are able to obtain the control to assign licenses to the equipment which requires the features in an effective and efficient way. The control is in the tool to allow the movement of licenses thru a Checked in/Checked out process which loads the license locally on the equipment or returns it to the SSL Portal for use in a different location.

What does being an Administrator mean in the Teradyne SSL Portal? Does my IT group have to be involved in this process?

The Teradyne SSL Portal requires an administrator of the license process, so they can download and install the desired TestStation system or Development licenses.The administrator of the licenses should be someone that is knowledgeable of the Teradyne TestStation products and features.

How do I access the Teradyne SSL Portal via the web?

You can access the Teradyne SSL Portal vis this link:

What happens if my PC that has Teradyne SSL licenses loaded on it crashes?

Please contact Teradyne's customer care hoteline at 1-800-TERADYNE to resolve your issues with a crashed PC.

Do I have to designate in the Teradyne SSL portal what testers we are loading the software licenses?

The Teradyne SSL tool does not allocate licenses to a specific tester. You have the flexibility to customize where you allocate your eligible licenses at any given time.

I was just quoted on the software I wish to purchase from Teradyne. Who from my organization should I designate as our Teradyne SSL account administrator?

The Teradyne SSL portal administrator from your organization should have knowledge of where the purchased licenses should be allocated on your Teradyne systems. Usually this is a tester manager and not the purchaser. They will be involved with access the Teradyne SSL portal and loading the necessary licenses on a given system.

I am an account administrator, can I monitor what licenses are being used and on which testers they are located?

Yes, the benefits of enrolling in the Teradyne SSL portal are the utilization metrics available to account administrators to monitor license usage and location.

I am running a tester on the production floor. Does this need to be connected to the internet in order to access the Teradyne liceses we purchased?

It is recommended that the computer you wish to download available Teradyne licenses has access to the internet.

What happens to my purchased Teradyne licenses in the event I sell my tester? Do I keep the licenses? What if I move my Teradyne tester from one site location to a different site?

The Teradyne SSL portal is site specific. You will have to contact Teradyne's customer care hotline at 1-800-TERADYNE.

I am a current Teradyne customer and already own Teradyne licenses by useing the FlexLM license manager. Do I still have to enroll in the new Teradyne SSL portal?

Thank you for being a loyal Teradyne customer. Yes, you will have to enroll in the Teradyne SSL portal if you wish to access the new TestStation Windows 7 software licenses. Previous generations of software will continue to be located on the FlexLM license manager for a short period of time during 2014.