Spectrum 8862/TSSE

Teradyne’s Spectrum 8862 (TSSE) is a unique combinational in-circuit (ICT)/ functional test system that can lower overall costs and test times for manufacturers that prefer to combine functional and ICT test capabilities on a single system. Spectrum test systems provide electronics manufacturers with reliable high-quality performance test and product validation.

Spectrum 8862 is configurable up to 2,560 non-multiplexed in-circuit channels. This system has 20 extended VXI card slots for adding hybrid digital/analog cards (CC2s) or for integrating C-sized VXI instruments.

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  • Applications

    Spectrum 8862 provides full performance test and product validations for use in Automotive, Industrial, and Defense and Aerospace system level test:

    • Testing of mixed signal devices such as Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), and Coder-Decoders (CODEC)
    • Digital vector testing for Small Scale Integration (SSI), Large Scale Integration (LSI), Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), including Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL), 3V, Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) and Emitter-Coupled Logic (ECL) logic levels
    • VXI instrumentation support
  • Advantages

    Spectrum 8862 is a unique combinational in-circuit/functional test system that can lower overall costs and test times for manufacturers that prefer to combine functional and ICT capabilities on a single system. 

    Manufacturers can eliminate the need to purchase additional in-circuit or functional test equipment by purchasing a single Spectrum 8862 that combines both test technologies, using single programs, fixtures, and operators.

  • Features & Options

    The Spectrum 8862 combinational test system is available with the following features:

    • Supports both graphic / language-free worksheet programming & standard programming language
    • PC-based, with native Windows XP and Windows 7 operating system support
    • No compilation, live pattern editing, with a graphic GUI and more debug tools
    • Non-multiplexed (driver/receiver) behind every pin
    • Configurable up to 2,560 non-multiplexed in-circuit channels 
    • 20 Extended VXI card slots
    • Supports C-sized VXI instruments
    • Compatible with legacy Spectrum 8851 and 8852 ICT-only  and Z18XX test systems
    • TestExpert 9.0 and D2B Alchemist software for test program development
  • Legacy System Support

    The Spectrum 8862 supports legacy/discontinued Z18XX and Spectrum 885X test systems.

    The Spectrum 8862 is fully compatible with legacy/discontinued Spectrum 8851 and 8852 ICT-only systems. The Spectrum 8862 can optionally support the integration of VXI instruments.

    Z18XX Support:

    • High density/high performance fixture interface for using existing Z18XX fixtures
    • Z18XX optional capabilties (PRISM, 3V logic, Vector Processor, DFP Flash programming are standard)
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