High Speed Automation for TestStation

Teradyne's TestStation High-Speed Inline Automated Handler is compatible with TestStation Multi-Site Inline configurations designed for the most productive and lowest cost in-circuit test package.


The TestStation Automated Inline Handler integrates seamlessly with TestStation Multi-Site Inline test systems. By residing completely within the line automation equipment footprint, TestStation Multi-Site Inline systems eliminate the long cabling between the unit under test (UUT) and test instrumentation that results in reduced test accuracy and fault coverage.

With a short set-up time, automatic fixture feed and interlocking mechanisms, manufacturers can save time and money automating their production line with the TestStation Automated Inline Handling system with TestStation Multi-Site Inline.

Features & Options

The TestStation Automated Inline Handler features:

  • Provides seamless integration of TestStation Multi-Site Inline test system
  • Short set-up time, automatic fixture feed and interlocking mechanisms
  • Maximum flexiblity and product scalability within TestStation system architecture
  • Auto-Width or Manual-Width adjust available
  • Antistatic conveyor
  • Easy maintenance and supportable design
  • Optional barcode/2D-code scanner
  • USB Keyboard/video/mouse-switch
  • Automation Pro software