Signal Delivery — RF Cables, Connectors and Brackets

Signal performance and fidelity are key to high-performance RF and wide-band analog device testing. To ensure maximum performance out of your instruments, we can meet a wide range of customer application requirements. 

Teradyne offers:

  • High-performance cables and interconnects for both probe and final test applications that are capable of 6+ GHz performance, in a variety of SMA, SMP and SMPM style connections.
  • Cable diameters that have the solutions to match your need.
  • Ready-to-ship brackets for UltaWave Final Test or Probe Solutions, designed to match Teradyne's stiffeners and signal delivery towers and machines to ensure reliable connect and disconnect every time.

Technical Information

Information about the signal delivery options we offer is below and available through our eKnowledge portal.  If you do not have an eKnowledge account, go to Request an eKnowledge Account to apply.

To place an order, please contact your local Sales representative.