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Semiconductor Test is a lead-ing supplier of semiconductor test equipment for logic, RF, analog, power, mixed-signal, and memory technologies. We deliver test solutions to developers and manufacturers of a broad range of integrated circuits, packaged separately or integrated as System-On-a-Chip (SOC) or System-In-Package (SIP) devices. ICs tested by Teradyne are used in computing, communications, consumer, automotive, identification, and internet applications.

Vimicro Selects Teradyne for Testing Its Next Generation Digital Image Processor; J750 Chosen for Verification and Production Test at ASAT

SHANGHAI, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 13, 2003--Teradyne, Inc. (NYSE:TER) announced Vimicro Corporation, a leading digital imaging solution provider headquartered in Beijing, China, has selected Teradyne in the design verification and production test of its next-generation digital image processor. With the cooperation of ASAT, a leading worldwide contract IC assembly, packaging, and test company based in Hong Kong, China, Teradyne won the competitive processor testing service due to the test economics and scan test capability of the Integra J750 and Teradyne's local resources in China. The new digital image processor will be used in many imaging applications such as digital camera cell phones and security and PC cameras.

"Scan test capability is vital when testing digital image processors," said Tom Zhang, General Manager and Executive VP, Vimicro Corporation. "Teradyne's J750 provides us with superior scan test capability in a high parallel test environment. This powerful combination results in quality device test in high volume production with the best cost of test. In today's manufacturing environment, managing cost of test is a key competitive advantage. In addition, Teradyne's test capability aligns very well with our future product roadmap."

" As a contract manufacturer we strongly consider the ease of test programming," said Allen Agabon, Engineering Manager, ASAT, Hong Kong. "Teradyne's J750 IG-XL software provides an intuitive PC-based working environment. IG-XL's use of Excel, Windows, and Visual Basic software, coupled with the broad-experienced applications engineering team, dramatically reduced the program development cycle and enabled our customer to meet their critical time to market goals."

"Teradyne is committed to accelerate the growth of Chinese semiconductor industry by offering years of device test experience and leading-edge test technology," commented Hock Chiang, Managing Director, Teradyne Semiconductor Test Operations in China. "Vimicro is a leading design company in China and we look forward to supporting Vimicro in the highly competitive and fast-moving digital imaging market. Working closely with ASAT, I am also pleased that we are able to help introduce Vimicro's product to market in a few weeks. This is a good example of cross regional cooperation among multiple companies with a common objective in getting a product to market on time. It is what we strive to excel in."

Vimicro's new line of mobile imaging processors enables mobile phone and PDA vendors to quickly add imaging functionalities to their products. Vimicro mobile imaging processors are designed specifically to address the need for a simple, low cost turn-key solution for clip-on and embedded cameras in mobile phones and PDAs. Vimicro mobile imaging processors integrate advanced image signal processing, robust imaging functions such as digital zoom with standard JPEG compression and emerging interface standards.

About Integra J750

The J750's high-throughput test capability provides as high as 95% parallel test efficiency for up to 32 devices. The zero footprint system delivers up to 1,024 I/O channels contained in a test head, and offers a suite of options, including the Converter Test Option, Memory Test Option, Redundancy Analysis, and Mixed Signal Option, that broaden the range of testing capabilities. The system also features IG-XL test software that combines the power and performance of the latest PC technology and Windows 2000 operating system with the familiarity of standard Windows productivity tools, such as Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic. The J750's small footprint and high parallel test throughput provide the most economical approach to testing complex VLSI devices with embedded memory and analog cells.

About Vimicro

Vimicro Corporation is a Hi-Tech start-up providing cutting-edge digital imaging and communication technology to worldwide telecommunication, PC, mobile, and consumer markets. Vimicro has strategic relationships with Microsoft, Foxconn Group, and China Telecom to address a large market in Internet multimedia communication. Supported by the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry, Vimicro is now helping to standardize Chinese Internet multimedia communication through its VXP system. Please visit www.vimicro.com for more information.

About ASAT

ASAT Holdings Limited is a global leading provider of semiconductor assembly, test, and package design services. With almost 15 years of experience, and a reputation as a leader in advanced packaging technology, the company offers a definitive selection of semiconductor packages and world-class manufacturing lines. ASAT's advanced package portfolio includes standard and high thermal performance ball grid arrays, leadless plastic chip carriers, thin array plastic packages and flip chip. ASAT is the first company to develop Moisture Sensitive Level One capability on standard leaded products. Today the company has operations in the United States, Asia and Europe and has broken ground on a new manufacturing facility in China. ASAT, Inc., exclusive distributor of ASAT Holdings' services in the United States, is located at 46335 Landing Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538, phone (510) 249-1222, fax (510) 249-9105. For more information, visit www.asat.com.

About Teradyne

Teradyne (NYSE:TER) is the world's largest supplier of Automatic Test Equipment, and a leading supplier of interconnection systems. The company's products deliver competitive advantage to the world's leading semiconductor, electronics, automotive and network systems companies. In 2002, Teradyne had sales of $1.22 billion, and employed about 7000 people worldwide. For more information, visit www.teradyne.com.