Joining TUG is easy. No waiting list. No membership fee. If your company is a licensed user of Teradyne test equipment or software, you are qualified to join. (Please email us if you'd like a copy of the TUG Bylaws).

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User Network: Join the 6,000 plus Teradyne assembly, semiconductor and software test users worldwide who receive TUG mailings.

Forums: Attend engineering updates, roundtables, poster sessions, tutorials, panels and formal paper sessions describing problems, solutions, insights and application tips, presented by other users and Teradyne engineers at the annual meeting.

Shared Knowledge: Communicate directly with Teradyne managers, engineers and technical support personnel as well as with other Teradyne customers.

Teradyne Products and Technical Assistance: Hear first-hand how and why a product works, and offer input directly to Teradyne about your needs and problems.

Regular Communications: Download TUG Papers and Presentations from the eKnowledge portal even if you were unable to attend the conference. (Please Note: TUG papers and presentations will be available only to those who attended for the first three months after the conference. After the three month period, they will be available to all eKnowledge account holders).