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    Salland Engineering is a privately owned, international technology company, specializing in products and services that enable semiconductor manufacturers to improve the efficiency and quality of their testing. The company's headquarters are in Zwolle, the Netherlands and it presently have over 90 employees worldwide. Salland Engineering enables its customers to achieve lower test costs, higher quality and reliability, improved test floor efficiency, faster time to market and streamlined interfaces with their supply chain. Solutions are delivered via a unique combination of hardware, software, and test applications expertise. This enables Salland to offer the optimum solution to customers who want to improve their test processes.

    Customers include leading integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and fabless semiconductor manufacturers. Many solutions are also delivered to the OSATS that support these manufacturers. Finally, Salland engineering is proud to partner with the leading ATE vendors in the semiconductor industry.

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    Test-Insight-Logo-300x84-TUG.pngTest Insight's mission is to provide the best and most effective communication environment between design and test engineers. Building on the vast test engineering experience and adding cutting edge sophisticated software development teams makes Test Insight products and technology stand out in quality and performance. Solutions include: design-to-test solutions for efficient build of test programs, test verification solutions for pre-silicon verification of tests and other niche solutions addressing various aspect of semiconductor test.

    SV-TCL-Logo-300x370-TUG.pngSV TCL is a global provider of integrated semiconductor wafer probe technologies specifically targeted at reducing test cost. The company provides a variety of probe cards along with full turnkey services for probe cards, final test and direct dock.


    TSE is on the leading edge of Integrated Test Interface Solutions for semiconductor manufacturers. The company’s major products include multi-site test interface boards, handler change kits, probe card PCBs, and test/handler docking units. TSE has further expanded its business areas to vision inspection systems and laser diode testers. Based in South Korea, the company distributes its products to both national and international markets.


    Korea Instrument is a supplier of semiconductor wafer test probe cards and components in South Korea. Its memory products include cantilever probe cards, PSJS probe cards, and MEMS probe cards; LSI products comprise cantilever probe cards for LSI, fine pitch probe cards for DDI, vertical probe cards for Flipchip, and LSI MEMS cards; and STC products consist of products for micro electronics industry, insulated metal subs for power semiconductor modules, and thick film heaters. The company was founded in and holds its headquartered in Hwaseong, South Korea.


    OKI Printed Circuit is a member of the OKI Group, which was found in 1881. The company strives to contribute to affording consumers a better life by providing products that enhance the development of information technology. To that goal, OKI persistently responds to market changes and continues to provide new value by leveraging its technical and manufacturing capabilities. Looking toward the future, the company aims to produce new high-performance, high-function, high-quality printed circuit boards.


    SEMICS has largely contributed to resolving technical and operational problems in the EDS environment. The company’s driving mission is to be smart, agile and able to resolve their clients’ biggest issues. SEMICS is never satisfied with existing conditions and accomplishments. Instead, the company is in continual pursuit of greater contributions and making the world better. SEMICS is a trusted business partner, supplying leading prober solutions.

    techwing-logo.jpegTechwing develops and sells semiconductor test handlers and display equipment. The company offers a range of solutions including: IC test handlers, used in the test process of semiconductor production; module test handlers that transfer assembled memory modules to machine for testing purpose; and test boards that connect electrical signal between handler and tester. TechWing was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Hwaseong, South Korea.
    TwinSolution-logo.pngFounded in 2006, TwinSolution Technology has been serving the Semiconductor industry for over 10 years as one of the traditional IC testing interface products and solution suppliers. The company focuses on high-performance test socket, spring prove, programming socket, burn-in socket, receptacle and other test interface products. With a reputation for quality and professional technical support, TwinSolution is a trusted supplier and partner in the international test market.

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    TSSI-Logo-300x145-TUG.pngTest System Strategies Inc. is the world's largest and leading provider of design-to-test vector translation and pattern validation software solutions. Design and test teams of all sizes use our products to save time, cut costs, and dramatically decrease time to market. We will be demonstrating Solstice™- the pre- and post-silicon pattern validation tool helping design and test teams to work in the same environment.

    Testhub provides one-stop test solutions to global semiconductor industries. Testhub's solutions include: test strategy, test hardware fabrication and software development, plus test methodologies training and product engineering support. Based in Malacca, Malaysia, the company has engineers located throughout the country to support global customers that have manufacturing activities in Malaysia and across Asia.

    reid-ashman-logo.jpgReid-Ashman is a leading supplier of mechanical solutions to the semiconductor test industry. The company’s success is primarily due to its ability and willingness to design and develop innovative equipment and customize existing products in order to best meet the challenges of customers' specific test-floor environments and test-system applications. Reid-Ashman maintains an ongoing commitment to provide and support the semiconductor test community with the finest solutions to unique challenges.

    Feinmetall.pngGood contacts are important due to the demand in the interpersonal communication and technical fields. FEINMETALL is a leading provider of contact solutions, particularly for testing electrical and electronic components. The company's product portfolio includes test probes, test fixtures and probe cards with the finest structures for semiconductor test. In addition to FEINMETALL's standard program, the company also develops customized solutions for customers’ specific requirements.

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