Favorite place traveled to: Kauai, Hawaii

Interests outside of work: snow skiing, basketball and traveling

Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering and B.S. Economics, Georgia Tech; CSS in Management, Harvard

Long term goal: To lead cross-functional teams to deliver solutions for our customers in the technology industry.

Most exotic fruit ever tried: Durain Fruit

How would you describe your career path to reach your current position?
I began my career qualifying software products prior to release and developing product demonstrations. These hands-on assignments immediately leveraged the electrical engineering and software courses I completed in college and also developed my interest in working directly with customers and transitioning to a product management role. After a couple of years of driving a product from concept to release, I took a strategic marketing assignment in Teradyne's electronic component division to develop market opportunities by expanding product and service offerings. This assignment gave me insight into business planning and learning how to make difficult decisions. I then took an opportunity in Teradyne's Semiconductor Test Division to focus on the Wireless and Broadband markets and work with the marketing team to maintain Teradyne's market leadership in RF/Microwave test.

Why did you choose to work at Teradyne?
Teradyne presents more opportunities to learn about different semiconductor technologies and markets than almost any other company in the electronics industry. All market segments need to test their products and Teradyne's product portfolio extends across all of these segments.

What is most challenging about your job?
Our customers are developing the latest products in the semiconductor industry. They usually come to Teradyne to address test challenges associated with their new products, not the ones developed five years ago. It is extremely challenging to identify technology trends and then define and deliver solutions that meet our customers' needs.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?
Making a contribution as part of a cross-functional team that helps our customers achieve their goals.

How do you think the people at Teradyne differ from those you might find in other companies?
Everyone sincerely enjoys solving very difficult problems. They are always up to the challenge to solve the seemingly impossible problems presented by our customers.

How do you view the corporate culture?
Teradyne's corporate culture is based on heavy helpings of respect for individual opinions and teamwork to solve problems. Teradyne's products are comprised of a core system and variety of specialized instrumentation that solves a unique set of technical and economic problems better than our competitors' products. Each instrument is developed by a team of engineers that dominate a particular electrical engineering discipline such as digital, mixed-signal or RF. Ultimately, Teradyne delivers a complete solution to our customers. Delivering this type of product requires each team to work together, so that we can deliver a complete solution that our customers ultimately value more than our competitors' offerings. Teradyne's corporate culture invites and cultivates this level of teamwork.