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Whether you’re still in school or about to graduate, this is the perfect time to check out a future with Teradyne. We offer challenging, real-world, experience-filled internships/co-ops and excellent entry-level career opportunities with fast-paced growth and advancement potential.

At Teradyne, our employees are on the cutting edge of technological advancements within the electronics testing industry. If you want to be a part of true innovation and be inspired to change the face of technology, this is the place for you. You will work with other passionate leaders and make critical contributions to the ever changing world of electronics.

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  • Co-Op and Intern Programs

    Co-Op Programs at TeradyneWhat better way is there to figure out your career path than firsthand experience? As a participant in Teradyne's Cooperative Education and Internship program you will gain practical work experience in a business environment, while getting the opportunity to contribute and add value to the organization.

    You will be able to explore and clarify your major and career goals, while developing knowledge and experience. You will also get the opportunity to establish a network of professional contacts, mentors and references.

    Teradyne's Cooperative Education and Internship program is designed to deliver meaningful, challenging and real-life work experiences that are relevant to your career and academic goals. Our program is committed to identifying, recruiting, and developing diverse talent at the collegiate level to create a dedicated, proactive, and motivated workforce and candidate pool for present and future hiring needs. A student experience can be the gateway to an exciting career here at Teradyne.

    Want to know what it's really like to work here as a student? Read more about our employees and learn about one students' journey from co-op to full-time Teradyne employee.

  • College Recruiting

    Look for Teradyne at your school's nexTeradyne's college recruiting fair bootht career fair! Where do you want to be? Teradyne has locations in the U.S. and around the globe. We are actively recruiting at colleges and universities both locally and internationally.

    Teradyne participates in school fairs, on-campus information sessions and also posts jobs on college career sites. Follow us on Twitter to receive job opportunity updates and more information on recruiting events.

  • Hiring Process

    Application Submission Process
    Your online resume submission will be acknowledged with an email confirmation and candidate reference number. Resumes submitted by other means may be acknowledged via a similar email notification. Because your profile and resume will remain active in our system, you may be considered for alternative opportunities.

    Initial Interviews
    Recruiters will review resumes submitted to positions qualifying those meeting the requirements and those applicants will then be reviewed by the hiring team for further consideration. If there is further interest, you may be contacted by an HR representative or someone from the hiring team by phone to discuss your qualifications and the role in greater detail.

    Based on the outcome of that initial phone conversation, you may be contacted to visit us at one of our locations. Candidates who reach the phone interview or on-site interview stage will be informed once a hiring decision has been made.

    If you are being considered for a particular position and there are factors affecting your availability, please contact us. The entire recruiting and hiring process involves many factors, we are not able to give a standard for the length of time these steps will take. Rest assured, we will be in contact with you the whole way.

  • Interview Tips

    1. Learn about the Company.
    Learning about the company and the position you are interviewing for should be your first step. Gathering background information on Teradyne is a crucial element in successful interview preparation. Taking a look at our corporate web site will not only help to educate you about the company, but will also help you decide if Teradyne is the place you want to be.

    2. Be clear and straightforward about what you know, what you don't know and what you want to achieve.
    Knowing what you want to do, what kind of working environment you prefer, and what your career goals are, will help the interviewer determine the best match for you and for the company. Being honest about what you don't know or are not sure of, but are willing to learn, is important. No one knows all the answers!

    3. Prepare questions for the interviewers.
    This time spent with us is your chance to “interview” Teradyne, and learn about the people you will be working with and the specific projects and activities you will be doing every day. Encourage the interviewer to share information about their experience with the company what it’s like to work for Teradyne.

    4. Prepare for the interviewers' questions.
    Teradyne’s interview practices are based on the premise that a candidate’s past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Be prepared to provide detailed responses including specific examples of your work and school project experiences. The best way to prepare is to think of examples where you have successfully used the skills you've acquired. Be detailed and specific when you respond to questions.

    5. Keep an open mind.
    You never know where the road of life will take you. Many candidates apply for a job, but later find out there is another position more worthy of their expertise. What you think your "dream job" may be, could change down the road. Demonstrate a good attitude and a willingness to learn.

    6. First impressions do matter.
    Shut your phone off before you enter the building. If you need to make a call, just let us know. We will be happy to make arrangements for you to do so. Don't text during the interview. There may be times when you are left alone, whether in the interview room, or walking around campus. Show that you are engaged in the moment and are excited to be here. Dress professionally and use good judgment. Although Teradyne is a business casual environment, you should always "dress your best" for an interview.

  • Why Work at Teradyne?

    1. Teradyne is an engineer's playground.
    From electrical to mechanical to design, all types of engineering come into play at Teradyne. We utilize all our engineers' interests and talents, which allows us to "play" around in different fields and learn something new every day.

    2. Teradyne designs and engineers the equipment that tests the semiconductors at the heart of the electronics revolution.
    Electronics are a way of life. They are crucial to our success and at Teradyne, we work hard to ensure that the electronics you use every day won't let you down.

    3. Employees are given the opportunity to participate in charity events and are encouraged to find ways to give back to the community.
    Coaching high school robotics teams. Walking to fight hunger. Planting trees and improving our environment. These are just a few ways Teradyne employees use our know how and efforts to improve the community around us.

    4. Employees have a voice in shaping their own careers.
    Our employees advance and build influence based on forming strong relationships and showing how they contribute to projects. There is a lot of mobility in a career at Teradyne and everyone is encouraged to seek out what thrills them. This allows you to advance on your own career path.

    5. Every day, Teradyners are challenged to learn something new in a fast-paced and energetic work environment.
    Innovation is valued at Teradyne, and innovation comes from continuous learning and challenging individuals to grow and reach further. The work environment at Teradyne requires a desire to learn and a passion for new ideas and strategies.

    6. Teradyne has locations around the globe that serve our hundreds of customers globally.
    Because we have strong connections throughout the world, Teradyne employees have the chance to interact on an international level and even travel if they want to. Our business is a global business and we are a global company.

    7. We offer great benefits, including a cash profit sharing program and tuition reimbursement.
    We want our employees to know that they are the core of the company. We value their hard work and reward it with programs that benefit them and their families. Visit the careers benefits page for more information.

    8. Our engineers work in collaborative and interdisciplinary teams to encourage the spread of innovation and information.
    Individual achievements are important to the overall success of the company, but being able to use your talents on a team, who share a common goal, is vital to your success at Teradyne. We are a team here and we understand the importance of working together at all levels of the company.

    9. Teradyne encourages and supports employee efforts to balance work and their personal lives.
    We know the never ending struggle for a perfect work/life balance. We understand the importance of flexibility and encourage our employees to find ways to help improve this.

    10. The work you do at Teradyne is important.
    From tablets to smart phones and airplanes to personal computers, electronics are a part of our lives. Teradyne engineers work hard to ensure the reliability of these electronics and we as a society benefit from this every day. It's a satisfying and proud feeling to be a part of that.

  • Interested in a Grant Program?

    Are you a student, professor or part of an academic department? Are you working on the latest technology standards? If so, we're looking for you!

    We invite you to propose a project and develop it through Teradyne's Grant Program.