10G Ethernet IO Expansion Instrument

Ethernet Capability for Optical and Emerging Speed Requirements

Best choice when current or future requirements include:

  • Multiple Ethernet ports
  • 1G/10G Optical support
  • 1000BASE-T copper support
  • Multiple concurrently operating buses
HSSub 6091
  • Dedicated server-grade Ethernet chipsets provide the highest density and performance available in single-slot, 3U PXI Express form factor
  • 4 ports with SFP+ physical I/O support
  • One instrument can support both copper cable I/O (1000BASE-T) and Optical I/O (1G and 10G) based on SFP+ selection
  • HSSub TriFlex Infrastructure Software provides:
    • Low-level port management functions inaccessible to public Windows APIs
    • Fully integrated DHCP, FTP, TFTP servers and NFS server & client
    • Access to the hardware from Windows (Tier 3) or HSSub Tier 2 instrument