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TestStation Multi-Site and Automated Handler for lean, agile manufacturing test.

TestStation Multi-Site for Lean Manufacturing

Technical Session with John Arena: Test Requirements of the Automated Automobile

Thursday, October 19 | SALA A | 11:30

Since invention, automobiles have required human operators to deliver vehicle control,  monitoring and emergency response .  (ADAS) systems hold the promise to eliminate human operators and deliver vehicle autonomy and real-time decision making.

Modern societies accept the consequences of imperfect operators and anomalous performance (e.g. 'accidents'). It remains to be seen to what standards society will hold the makers of ADAS to as they replace human control and judgement with software and electronic equivalents. The next generation of ADAS Electronic Control Unit manufacturing will require extraordinary degrees of unit volume production, while delivering extreme defect detection, process verification and measurement tolerances.

This paper will explore automotive manufacturing production test requirements for the next generation of ADAS/ ECU components.