Certified Aftermarket Products

Teradyne's Global Services Organization offers aftermarket products and services for Teradyne equipment.

The Teradyne Advantage

As the OEM, we know our equipment best.  The refurbishment and testing of Aftermarket equipment is held to the same high standards, quality and reliability as our new systems.

Certified Aftermarket Teradyne Testers

When purchasing aftermarket Teradyne equipment, you can expect the same quality as purchasing a new Teradyne system.  Our aftermarket systems go through the same rigorous testing and verification process as new systems in our state-of-the-art facilities to insure systems perform to specification.

Why purchase a certified Aftermarket Teradyne tester?

Teradyne Certified = Quality

Our Aftermarket systems are put through a complete electro-mechanical inspection. Systems include the latest updates and safety revisions and system instrumentation is proactively inspected and repaired. Systems then undergo rigorous testing and performance verification to insure the performance of the system to specification.What you can expect is quality every time!

Configured to Your Requirements

Both hardware and software are configured to your requirements.


Backed by the same standard system warranty as new system purchases, a standard system warranty is included with every certified aftermarket system.

Service Support

Because systems are certified by Teradyne, aftermarket systems are eligible for the same standard support services as new systems.

Contact your local Sales representative to find out more about certified aftermarket Teradyne testers.



'Certified by Teradyne' Service

If purchasing an Aftermarket tester from a non-Teradyne supplier, insist it is a Teradyne Certified Aftermarket system! System certification by Teradyne provides you with the assurance of quality and access to the same service support options as purchasing a Certified Aftermarket tester directly from Teradyne.

Our certification services are performed at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and includes:

  • Complete electro-mechanical system inspection
  • Upgrade boards for latest updates and safety revisions
  • Comprehensive testing process and performance verification to insure the system performs to specification
  • Warranty
  • Software Right To Use
  • Eligible for standard support services

To find out more about Teradyne's certification services for aftermarket Teradyne equipment, please contact your local Sales representative.

Instrument Option Upgrades

Extend the capability of your existing equipment with instrument option upgrades. Teradyne provides instrument options for legacy equipment, Catalyst, Tiger, and A-5xx platforms. We subject all option upgrades to the same high quality standards as our new systems. As the OEM, we are the only provider that can ensure this level of testing, verification, and like-new performance.

Contact your local Sales representative to find out more about instrument options for your existing equipment.