As of January 2005, all TS12X in-circuit test models configured with Ultrapin I pin boards and 3 card (HSC, MTG, CST) controller setup was discontinued.  

Teradyne replaced the previous generation of TS12x systems with the new TestStation family of in-circuit test systems utilizing a single integrated system controller card. 

While new production of the TS12X systems are discontinued, these systems are fully supported in the current TestStation 7.x software releases for Windows 7 OS.

Software, hardware, application, and maintenance services and support contracts can still be obtained through Teradyne's service and support team to cover these discontinued models.

To take advantage of new features and future software enhancements, Teradyne recommends that the discontinued TS12X test systems be replaced with the latest TestStation models.

If you have any questions regarding this information or upgrade options, please contact your local Teradyne Representative or 1-800-TERADYNE.