GR228x/TS8x Upgrades

Manufacturers using discontinued Teradyne test systems can upgrade to take advantage of the latest generation of TestStation UltraPin II-based test systems.

Discontinued Product Information

View the complete list of discontinued test products and research available upgrade options.


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  • Latest Capabilities
    Upgrade to access the latest generation of test technologies to help solve the business and test challenges of modern PCB assemblies
    • Higher pin capacity, smaller tester footprint - the latest TestStation test systems have consolidated tester instruments, control boards, and accessory functions, resulting in reduced board types, lower system power requirements, increased system reliability, a smaller footprint, increased pattern memory depth, and higher pin capacity
    • UltraPin II and SafeTest pin technology - the most accurate in-circuit pin in the industry allows safe testing of ultra-low voltage technologies with a patented real-time Backdrive Current Measurement feature
    • More pin board choices, more real pins - TestStation has Analog-only and pure-pin pin board options that help reduce system costs and program development times.
    • Faster Test Throughput
    • Vectorless Test Framescan Technologies
    • Powered Framescan Technology
    • Latest software releases and updates - TestStation Pro software is available for current TestStation systems for debug, production, and development.
    • Support for latest operating systems - the current TestStation runtime software version 6.4.0 or later supports the Windows 7 operating system.
  • Upgrade from GR228X

    Manufacturers should examine how the advanced capabilities of Teradyne's latest generation of TestStation UltraPin-based test systems could help solve the business and test challenges of today.

    Manufacturers who choose to upgrade to the latest generation TestStation systems can achieve reduced manufacturing costs, faster test throughput, reduced development times, increased fault coverage, and better product support.

    TestStation helps manufacturers maximize their test investment in 8x in-circuit testers, by allowing direct transfer of test programs and fixtures - with no extra costs or program development required.

  • Upgrade from Z18XX

    Teradyne's discontinued Z18xx test system can easily be upgraded to the following test systems:

  • Navigate/ Monitor Pages
    Users of Navigate and Monitor pages should upgrade to the latest TestStation Pro software tools for a streamlined user environment for development, debug, and production.
  • Upgrade TS8X/TS12X

    Users who upgrade their discontinued TS8X and TS12X testers to the latest generation of TestStation UltraPin-based systems receive the following enhancements:

    • Machine mechanical design improvements -TestStation systems are easier to build, service, and support with faster repair and maintenance.
    • Tester footprint - TestStation systems require less floorspace
    • System Control Board - TestStation has 5 to 1 board reduction, less board types, improved reliability, and lower spares costs
    • Accessory Boards - Adding Accessory Boards like Multi-Function Application Board, PXI Functional Expansion Board, and Deep Serial Memory to TestStation does not reduce overall tester pin capacity. 
    • Frequency measurement capability - Integrated SFTM is a new lower cost alternative to the discontinued AFTM and FTI and does not take up a tester slot.
    • Deep Serial Memory capability - Integrated DSM is a new lower cost alternative to the stand-alone DSM and does not take up a tester slot
    • Default operating system - Microsoft Windows 7 OS
    • Frequency measurement programming language - TestStation with SFTM has simplified programming for Frequency test measurements
    • Memory behind the pin - TestStation allows more test vectors to be applied per Burst. Low speed isolation vectors will not exhaust pin memory
    • Product support category - Discontinued TS12X and TS8X tester models are no longer in production