Every Eagle Test system operates from an industry standard C/C++ visual studio programming platform and integrates the ATE tools required for successful implementation and deployment of your test solutions quickly and confidently every time. Using proven programming strategy, the Eagle Vision provides the tools necessary for rapid program development, offline test emulation, and a robust set of data analysis tools that provide engineers with the data when and where it is needed and in a industry compatible format.

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  • Eagle Vision Software

    Teradyne's EV LogoThe Eagle Vision Software Suite (EV) is a robust test development environment, elevating applications program development and debug to new heights. Every Eagle test system is controlled via PC, running a standard Microsoft® operating system and using the Microsoft® .NET C/C++ development tools for code creation. Eagle’s software tools are easy to learn, easy to use and fully integrated into the Microsoft® Visual Studio®development environment. A suite of automatic code generation tools supports the complete test system command set, providing users with the program control they need without forcing them to memorize coding syntax. Wizard tools are available for creating tests, editing test limits, and changing the test execution flow. Graphical plotting tools are provided for simple point-and-click plotting of test-oriented waveforms. The eRAIDE debug environment makes it easy to view and change tester hardware settings. A robust help file system navigates users through the tool set and provides coding examples further reducing development time.

    Multi-sector technology (MST) combines the capabilities of both hardware and software to achieve parallel test efficiencies in excess of 99%. To deliver on this promise, both fast and efficient multisite program generation must be easily achievable. EV-MST software is built upon a multi-core PC and operating system that optimizes high-speed data communication to all sectors simultaneously. This means that site counts can be expanded proportionally with each additional sector thereby improving PTE and optimizing cost-of-test.


    Pattern based testing software tools are essential to make pattern based programming as simple as possible. EV-MST waveform generation tools and editing tools incorporate range and force mode changes. These display tools show the relationship between analog and digital stimulus versus capture, providing a window into the settling performance for each measurement. Tools in the EV-MST Software Suite provide developers with a variety of means for analyzing the programmed stimulus while comparing actual results obtained both online and offline in standard test data format (STDF), comma separated format (CSV), and Eagle’s Log format. Eagle Vision Software is written to operate the way test engineers want to work. 


    • Integrated Site Aware Programming Model
    • Pattern Based Software Tools
    • Built-in Real-time Program and Debug Coding
    • Configurable Operator Interface
    • Robust Set of Datalog and Analysis Tools

    Teradyne's EV-MST Software Debug Tool

    • Coding Environment (ACE™ and GrACE™)
    • Rapid Access Interactive Debug Environment (eRAIDE™) Tools
    • Vector Editor, Pin Map Editor, AWG Editor
  • Raptor Software

    Teradyne's Raptor-FT LogoThe ETS-200T / ETS-200T/FT discrete software suite is comprised of the following components: index parallel discrete utilities, discrete test library modules, and a graphical test flow organizer all designed to increases test development productivity while optimizing test flow for discrete and power amplifier applications. Raptor includes a graphical user interface that allows fast programming and characterization with no language-based programming required. This innovative user interface allows users to directly input test conditions for a particular test and place the test in a user defined test flow. Preprogrammed test routines provide simple and easy to use methods for test programming that help users avoid programming mistakes and overcome limitations commonly found in many discrete test systems.


    Raptor Test Sequencer allows users to drag and drop tests from the library for each test station on a handler. Each column represents a test station, allowing users to see the entire test flow at a glance. Raptor-FT is based on a pattern-base test model that allows users to determine test times off-line before running in production. With Raptor, true index parallel testing for up to six stations eliminates the bottleneck that rotary/turret handlers have placed on discrete semiconductor test.


    • Prewritten subtests help users avoid programming limitations commonly found in many discrete test systems.
    • Raptor FT is integrated with rotary and turret handlers for a complete discrete test solution
    • Integrated help file provides a detailed description of the test along with additional block diagrams and tool tips for optimizing test routines.

    ToolsTeradyne's RaptorFT Software, Rdson Test Function Example

    • Setup Display – simple diagram of test conditions with identifiers for user inputs
    • Flexible 5 station test assignment
    • Analog Pattern Generation