altThe ETS-200T / ETS-200T-FT discrete test platform is built on proven ETS technology and provides true index-parallel testing specifically for turret and rotary handlers. These test systems maximize throughput with pattern-based test techniques based on Eagle SmartPin™ technology coupled with the use of dynamic Cbits for enhanced user control. Both the ETS-200T and the ETS-200T/FT provides a complete test solution from wafer sort to final test for MOSFETs, including integrated control and datalogging for UIL, dVSD, Qg and LCR meter. Raptor™ software reduces program generation by providing a graphical user interface that does not require any programming experience combined with a robust set of test libraries and proven test techniques to increase test volumes and reduce cost of test.

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  • Applications

    Power Discrete Test ApplicationsETS-200T-FTDevices-300x300-Teradyne.png

    The ETS-200T® / ETS-200T-FT® test systems provide solutions with average site counts equal to or in excess of 16, with coverage of both DC and AC testing parameters. The robust software package combines pre-programmed routines for standardized tests with flexible programming tools for easy creation of customized tests. Completely integrated AC testing, including UIL Inductive Switching, Cg, Rg and Qg makes the 200T® the ideal solution for both wafer and packaged device testing of discrete devices.

  • Advantages

    Raptor Software

    Teradyne's RaptorFT Main View

    • Prewritten subtests help users avoid programming limitations commonly found in many discrete test systems.
    • Raptor is integrated with rotary and turret handlers for a complete final test discrete solution.
    • Integrated help file provides a detailed description of the test along with additional block diagrams and tool tips for optimizing test routines.
  • Configurations

    Teradyne's RaptorFT Main View

    User Configurable Options

    • ETS-200T-FT MuxBox
    • ITC UIL Box
    • ETS-200T-FT TRU Box

    Multistation Configuration

    • 1FT,+1QA
    • 2FT+1QA
    • 3FT+1QA
  • System Options
    Eagle Test System Digital Channels Analog Channels
    ETS-600 256 480+
    ETS-364 128 240+
    ETS-364B 64 (128 option) 240+
    ETS-300 32 240
    ETS-200 16 120
    ETS-88 Standard 32 (128/system) 72 (288/system)

    Platform scalability is key in the semiconductor test market, and ETS-200 Test Systems use the same floating analog resources as the ETS-88 product family and ETS-364 / ETS-600 product family.

    Instrument Options:

         digital V/I supports 16-bit voltage measurements up to +/-20 V with 0.61 mV resolution in 50us. 

          single channel V/I with 10 current ranges operating up to +/-100 V

    SPU Family (100, 112, 500)
          a suite of V/I’s capable of addressing a wide range of test requirements ranging from 100V / 2A to 500V / 50mA with fully AWG and digitizing capabilities per channel

  • Software

    Raptor includes a graphical user interface that allows fast programming and characterization with no language-based programming required. This innovative user interface allows users to directly input test conditions for a particular test and place the test in a user defined test flow. The preprogrammed test routines provide simple and easy to use methods for test programming that help users avoid programming mistakes and overcome limitations commonly found in many discrete test systems. The Raptor FT software suite increases test development productivity. 

    Teradyne's RaptorFT Main View



    • Setup display – simple diagram of test conditions
      with identifiers for user inputs
    • Flexible 5 station test assignment
    • Analog pattern generation

Learn more about Eagle's industry leading discrete software suite - Raptor.