Industry Standard Solution for Complex Linear, Power and Automotive Devices

The microFLEX and FLEX test systems deliver cost-efficient multisite production test for devices operating under 200 MHz digital speed. Choose microFLEX / FLEX for testing mid-range devices for power management, automotive, audio and video. With microFLEX / FLEX, you optimize capital investment while achieving superior performance and throughput.

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  • Applications

    High-Performance Mixed Signal Devices

    • Audio
    • Video
    • Power management
    • Automotive
    • Hard disk drive controllers
    • Telecommunications
    • Military / Aerospace

    Low-Cost Mixed Signal Devices

    • Industrial / medical instruments and systems
    • FPGA/programmable logic
    • Converters
    • Standard logic

    Low-Cost Analog Devices

    • Switching controllers and regulators
    • Battery management
    • Linear regulators
    • Analog switch and multiplexers
    • Motor drivers
    • Amplifiers
    • Voltage references
  • Advantages

    Cost-efficient test up to 200MHz

    • Ideal for analog, digital and mixed-signal System-on-a-Chip (SoC) and System-in-Package (SiP) device testing applications.

    Broad range of instruments

    • Choose from a comprehensive suite of analog and digital instrument boards to configure your test solutions.

    Instrument and DIB compatibility

    • Instruments and device interface boards (DIBs) used with microFLEX and FLEX test systems are interchangeable.

    Configuration flexibility for high site-count parallel test

    • microFLEX’s 12 universal slots and FLEX's 24 universal slots accommodate a range of instruments and can easily be reconfigured for different test strategies.

    Sync-Link™ Technology

    • Instruments take full advantage of the FLEX architecture’s Sync-Link Technology for testing in multiple time domains, precise waveform phase matching, fast microcode-level instrument set-up and control and full Background DSP with dedicated DSP computers.
    • The combination of instrument capability and system architecture delivers the highest possible single site throughput and unsurpassed parallel test efficiency.
  • Configurations


    • 12 configurable universal slots
    • Up to 576 digital pins
    • Up to 4 DSP modules
    • Small footprint


    • 24 configurable universal slotsFLEX-150x150-Teradyne
    • Up to 1152 digital pins
    • Up to 8 DSP modules
    • Separate mainframe cabinet includes:
      • Power distribution unit
      • 19” rack space for mounting additional instrumentation
      • Integrated manipulator
  • System Options

    AC Instrumentation

    FLEX family AC instrumentation provides source and capture test capability with arbitrary waveform generation (AWG) and digitizing to meet escalating test requirements for SiP, SoC and high performance devices with the lowest cost of test. 
    • BBAC
    • VHFAC

    DC Instrumentation

    FLEX family DC instrumentation provides precision voltage/current (V/I) source and measure test capability for a wide variety of SoC devices. The integrated instruments source and measure voltage and current in four quadrant operation.
    • DC30
    • DC75
    • DC90
    • POOL2

    DC Device Power Instrumentation

    FLEX family Device Power Supply (DPS) instrumentation provides precision voltage source and current measurement test capability across a wide variety of devices. Instruments can force voltage and measure current in single or dual quadrant operation, and sources can be merged to reach higher current levels.
    • HexVS

    Digital Instrumentation

    FLEX family digital instrumentation provides broad functionality and flexible test capability to meet the demands of evolving device performance and test methodologies at the lowest cost of test.
    • HSD200
    • HVD
  • Software

    IG-XL-245x100-TeradyneTeradyne’s award-winning IG-XL Software transforms test program development. Its powerful, yet easy-to-use, graphical environment lets engineers rapidly develop fully functional test programs, cutting program development and debugging time. Designed to address multisite complexity, IG-XL can convert single site test programs to multisite automatically, speeding time to market and reducing cost of test. With IG-XL, test engineers focus on actual testing, not writing code for the tester.

    Learn more about IG-XL Software