High-Speed Memory Test Solution

The UltraFLEX-M builds on the advanced test technology and architecture of the proven UltraFLEX test system to ensure high test quality at the lowest cost of test for high-speed memory devices.

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  • Applications


    DDR3, DDR4





  • Advantages

    Scalable Platform

    • Single platform for engineering, package and KGD (Known Good Die) probe test applications
    • 100% compatible hardware and software across applications
    • Universal slot architecture for easy reconfiguration and redeployment

    High-Performance Digital

    • Specifications that result in higher yields and increased test margin
    • Reconfigurable channel configurations including modes where every channel is an "I/O" channel
    • Multi-generational capability
    • Lower over all cost-of-test

    High-Performance Device Power Supplies

    • Programmable dynamic DPS response delivers optimal power delivery to the DUT for improved yield
    • DPS voltage and current profiling show graphically how the channel reacts to surges during testing

    Per-Pin Parametric Measurements

    • Parametric testing across all pins in parallel for faster test time
    • Pin-Slice-Processors work in parallel to determine the test results on each PMU

    IG-XL Software

    • Graphical & easy to use for quick test program development and device characterization
    • Built using Microsoft Excel, which provides a familiar and stable programming environment
  • Configurations


    • 12-slot Engineering Platform


    • 36-slot High Volume Production Platform


    • 72-slot High Volume Production Platform


    • 36-slot KGD (known good die) Probe Platform
  • System Options


    • HPM 2.8G Extended-IO
    • HPM 4G Extended-IO
    • HPM 8G Extended-IO (Jitter Insert option is available)


    • DC30
    • HDVS
    • UVS256
  • Software
    IG-XL-245x100-TeradyneTeradyne’s award-winning IG-XL software transforms test program development. Its powerful, yet easy-to-use, graphical environment lets engineers rapidly develop fully functional test programs, cutting program development and debugging time. Designed to address multisite complexity, IG-XL can convert single site test programs to multisite automatically, speeding time to market and reducing cost of test. With IG-XL, test engineers focus on actual testing, not writing code for the tester.

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