The first ATE solution for testing 60Gbps high-speed devices

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Devices used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, network processor devices and 5G Base station devices are all examples of the constantly increasing data rates used for transferring information around the world. High-speed data interfaces operating at rates of 32Gbps and 56Gbps are enabling all of these application advances.

ultraserial60g-1.pngTeradyne’s UltraSerial60G test instrument for the UltraFLEX test system is the industry's only single solution that supports all generations of PCIe standards (PCIe/4/5/6: 16Gbps NRZ / 32Gbps NRZ / 56Gbps PAM4) and beyond.

  • The UltraSerial60G contains 32 differential transmitters and 32 differential receivers capable of generating and measuring up to 32Gbps NRZ data and up to 60 Gbps PAM4 waveforms.
  • Each differential receiver features an independent 25GHz bandwidth digitizer that allows bench-top test quality with no additional Device Interface Board (DIB) circuitry.
  • The UltraSerial60G instrument provides single insertion testing of the serial interface and all other device functions including RF capability.
  • Test RF-to-bits via the devices high-speed serial interface to the RF blocks.
  • The UltraSerial60G is programmed using the ATE industry’s leading IG-XL software to rapidly develop the tests for the serial interface.

Example Performance Results at 32Gbps and 56Gbps (PAM4)