When you buy from Teradyne, it will be shipped on time, installed correctly and work right out of the box to get your production line where it should be - up and running.

We offer:
  • A complete line of products to get your ETS-364 system into production fast.
  • Proven, off-the-shelf components that can ship with the system or be installed & services by our trained personnel in the field - whether you are in final test or probe, or towered or towerless.
  • Multifunction manipulator capability.
  • Final Test Docking solutions.
  • Wafer Sort solutions.
Need multifunction manipulator capability?
  • We are an OEM reseller of the InTest Cobal 250 stand-alone manipulator for the ETS-364.  The Cobal manipulator provides ease of use, 3-axis functionality, and guaranteed safe operation.
  • Need less functionality?  We also offer the Intest 450 Aero handler cart – a low-cost, limited- motion solution that provides targeted functionality with a lower cost and smaller footprint than the full function manipulator.

Prefer a dedicated hinge solution? Teradyne has worked with all the prober manufacturers to qualify hinge solutions.  These solutions are available directly from the prober manufacturer.

Need a Final Test docking solution? Teradyne can provide two distinct solutions to meet the needs of our customers.
  • A J750 KDOCK compatible tester and handler side interface.  This interface uses the tried and true KDOCK modules from the J750, providing reliable docking at an affordable price.
  • We are an OEM reseller of InTest 4CAM tester side interfaces, allowing you to dock to your InTest 4CAM configured peripherals, providing continuity with your installed base of InTest docking systems. Handler side interfaces can be purchased through Teradyne or InTest.

Are you probing? We offer the InTest Centaur MODULAR probe interface system.  This is a 300mm (12") probe tower, using an 11.0" diameter probe card.  The tower itself is modular and configurable, with up to 12 modules in a ring, at 160 contacts per module, for a total of 1,920 contacts maximum.

The Centaur Tower from InTest is capable of being used in standard InTest 4CAM Top Load and Bottom Load solutions. The Top Load and Bottom Load interfaces are available through InTest directly.

Custom ETS Test Cell Solutions We can create custom solutions for ETS systems and want to work with you to provide a robust and reliable solution  If the current marketplace offerings do not meet your needs, please contact your local Sales representative.