Teradyne is the choice for dependable FLEX, UltraFLEX and Catalyst stiffeners. Our device interface board (DIB) and probe card stiffeners are critical to proper DIB/peripheral alignment, ensuring your device interface board properly mates to the tester electronics.

 Teradyne offers:

  • Stiffeners designed to precise specifications to ensure maximum planarity under all load conditions and manufactured to documented quality control processes. This eliminates continuity problems due to poor stiffener construction and design.
  • A full range of standard DIB, HIB and PIB stiffeners for all Teradyne systems, including the FLEX, UltraFLEX, Catalyst and Tiger.  We also offer probe card stiffeners for all Teradyne probe towers, including the FLEX/UltraFLEX 300mm, 440mm and J750 triad and taro towers.

Our design team can create custom stiffener solutions to meet your applications needs. We have designed double stack, extended and two-piece stiffeners for a variety of custom applications – all to the same exacting specifications as our standard stiffeners.