Network processors, infrastructure networking, and backbone IT data farms are leading the charge in applying FEC encoding and active equalization to PAM and NRZ SERDES channels to achieve the next round of step function improvements for data rates at 56Gbps, 112Gbps and even >200Gbps over single channel copper. Automotive, imaging, and consumer are not far behind. With this new technology, the industry is demanding ATE-based test capability. This presentation will discuss the results of a “level 0” integration of third-party hardware, software and signal delivery to provide lab quality near DUT source and measurement capability. The solution described will include BERT drive and receive up to 56Gbaud, and an exciting oscilloscope-like capability through a high performance DSO from Multilane. The challenges overcome will be described and the real performance capability achieved will be demonstrated. The presentation will also discuss the tradeoffs between performance PHY testing and “low protocol” functional test, along with a strategy for transitioning between the two testing types discussed.