MIPI D-PHY 2.5Gbps has become the trend in the current image sensor market, with requirements for capturing images under 2.5Gbps or even higher test rates, instead of the 1.5Gbps image capture speed used previously. This presentation will introduce a method for 2.5Gbps image capture in CP mass production with the X-ECU solution on Teradyne’s IP750, including a review of an actual project for both hardware and program development. For the hardware, we will discuss the key points related to the PIB and probe card design, as well as the integration of the external X-ECU system and the tester. For program development, we will discuss the actual capture waveform at X-ECU from 1.5Gbps to 2.5Gbps and the test time comparison with and without X-ECU. The basic programming steps and multi-site debug skills will be also detailed.