Today the discrete devices market is growing rapidly driven by the demand for green energy and the upgrading of more electronic systems. The industry is working to increase production, such as 300mm fab investments worldwide. The Superset project is in the process of developing a flexible multi-site discrete wafer test solution on the ETS-88DUO test system with scalable current capability. It provides up to 2KV/200A test capabilities for Si-MOSFET, SiC-MOSFET, and IGBT products with both Common-Drain and Top-Drain wafer type options, meeting the discrete industry’s need to reduce the time to market and the cost of test. This presentation will firstly overview the structure of the Superset design, including system configuration, prober interface board and the role of the customization board. Then the effort on the safety mechanism is demonstrated by illustrating the interlock design and the high voltage considerations in PCB design. The main portion of this presentation will cover the principles and the waveforms of the typical test functions for MOSFET testing, which involves specially designed modules for test efficiency and reliability improvement, such as Interleave-MUX, Quasi Current Source, Current Limiter, and Gate Driver. Finally, we’ll provide an overview of a test program that gives a view into how the ease of use and maintenance is achieved in the program design.