The ESA Toolkit is a software option available for use with IG-XL on the UltraFLEX, which provides integrated tools for developing RF device tests that require modulated signal generation and measurements using standard wireless communication protocols. In the past, it was difficult to achieve test time reduction (TTR) for test items using ESA but with the Timeline tool each ESA demodulation and overhang time is known, to be used to determine the right TTR approach. This presentation will review three proposals for optimizing the results overhang on specific test items, including modifying the test flow to optimize the DSP computer processing; mitigating dependencies for the DSP Global Variable and using different setup names for ESA; and changing the Hdw.DSP.ExecutionMode at Tssi. Using these three methods, we’ll present a real-world example where we were able to collect relevant test time and achieve a final TTR Result of 15.84- 12.85, which is equal to 2.99 seconds or an 18.8% improvement.