There are a number of DC test items when testing FPGA devices, especially for high pin count devices. Different IG-XL platforms have different DC test efficiencies, whereas functional test efficiency is almost the same. Given that we can easily calculate the optimal site count based on the configuration of each platform, DC test efficiency is key to determining which platform provides the best cost of test for FPGA devices. In addition to the DC item test efficiency, it is also important to know the proportion of the total test time represented by the DC test items. This presentation will compare FPGA DC test efficiency for the J750HD, UltraFLEX and UltraFLEXplus. We’ll compare and analyze the test time and PTE based on DC instrument measuring time and highlight the results on each platform. The results will be presented for different situations, including different device pin counts, site counts and measuring times. This data will serve as a reference when choosing the IG-XL platform that best meets the cost of test requirements for testing FPGA devices.