The UltraWaveMX8 instrument extends the capability of the UltraWave24 instrument, enabling automated testing of RF signals beyond the 6GHz band, up to 7.5 GHz for source and measure. The UltraWaveMX8 instrument extension is designed to test 802.11ax devices and 5G cellular devices that operate in the mid-band frequency range. S-Parameters describe the electrical behavior of linear electrical networks when undergoing various steady state stimuli by electrical signals. S-Parameters measurement is important in RF measurement but currently the UltraWaveMX8 instrument doesn’t support it, however the instrument has a directional coupler inside the hardware architecture that makes it possible to implement S-Parameters measurement. In this presentation, we will discuss the application solution that enables full two-port S-Parameters measurement capability, including the calibration methodology with available calibration kits and the calibration algorithm that will generate calibration data for the S-Parameters measurement.