The introduction of the UltraFLEXplus has shifted the paradigm of testers to enable faster communication and throughput via the Parallel Advanced Command Execution (PACE) architecture. However, even experienced users assume this new architecture is an extension of the legacy “data backgrounding” capability of the UltraFLEX and DSP PCs, however it’s not. The controller PC workstation works in concert with enterprise network processors onboard the instrumentation to pipeline tester interaction into multiple, distinct communication channels. Command, results, alarms, datalogging, and DSP processing all execute from their own threads. Unlocking this potential throughput improvement does not requires highly complex code practices. Using native site-aware variables that are part of the VBT code base, IG-XL takes advantage of the parallel computing and communication environment while retaining a simple programming model to ensure fast multi-site test program bring-up. In this presentation the conjunction of easy coding and fast performance will be demonstrated, along with examples of improving code to eliminate differences between single site and multi-site programming.