Git is, by far, the predominant revision control system used in the software industry. SVN is the predominant revision control system used by Teradyne and many of our customers, however the time has come to switch to Git due to a confluence of factors including increasing demands for DevOps workflows in test, the upcoming release of the .NET development in IG-XL, the built-in revision control integration in Visual Studio, and the availability of GitHub Enterprise. This presentation will briefly introduce Git, highlight the differences between Git and SVN, and explain the concept of distributed repos. We’ll also discuss the issue of pattern files in the repo and describe how Git LFS (Large File Storage) solves this issue. The presentation will walk through the workflow for two scenarios, including a simple one-person-show using revision control for a fairly simple test program; and a team collaborating on a large program with (imperfect) modularity and many changes. While Git and SVN solve the same problems, the workflows described will demonstrate the significant advantages Git has.