This presentation will discuss ADC/DAC test items of multi-channel and high-frequency, from hundreds of MHz to 7.5GHz, with the UltraWaveMX8 and UltraWave24 instruments. For multi-frequency and multi-channel, we will detail the use of the Balun (Transformer) and switch to share the RF source and receiver, and the use of the low pass filter (LPF) to ensure that the source is not interfering with harmonics and noise. When RF Sourcing to multiple sites, the UltraWave instrument normally splits the MW Synthesizer signal from one front end module per site, to the DUT, in which the DIB is designed as equal in length as possible. Even with these parameters, there is no way to ensure the path loss and skew are the same. We will discuss the MWDIB object compensation method to solve this problem and describe how to use the PERL module to analyze these massive amounts of ADC/DAC data.