Test solutions use many different techniques for improving throughput, reducing test time, and ultimately lowering the cost of test. The most fundamental of these techniques is to test multiple devices in parallel but as adaptive test methods seek to optimize the yields of increasingly complex devices, the throughput benefits of multi-site testing may be reduced. Different devices may not only require unique power or timing settings but may also need to execute different sets of pattern vectors. This last requirement has historically required that sites run serially, resulting in increased multi-site test overhead. This presentation will demonstrate how to leverage the hardware and software features of the UltraFLEXplus tester to improve multi-site test efficiency by running different patterns simultaneously on different devices. The key enablers of this capability are the highly flexible architecture of the UltraPin2200’s independent pattern generators, as well as new software features that present simplified programming models for executing different patterns per site. The presentation will also explore extended capabilities, such as CPU loops and instrument operations.