Teradyne’s Titan SLT system is constantly improving and the scan test system is the most mature. Composed of one appliance PC and 2 slots, each of these communicates continuously and problems in either system impact the other, causing the slot offline rate to increase. A high slot offline rate results in low slot availability in a system, which negatively affects productivity. It was discovered that some specific slot offline reasons on scan test systems could be recovered by initializing the appliance PCs and rebooting slots but one Titan SLT system can have 54 appliance PCs and 106 slots. In a production line, several thousand appliance PCs and slots are running, requiring many resources to physically check and initialize appliance PCs and slots, which must be done carefully while the tester is running. This presentation will discuss the Slot Offline Helper, a solution developed to recover appliance PCs and slots via reboot while the tester is running. A tool monitors the test result per device and if it detects specific failures related to recoverable slot offline reasons, the tool will attempt to reboot the appliance PCs and slots before failing them to a slot offline state. With this tool, the slot offline rate and slot availability improves on scan test systems.