Creating new test programs can be a time-consuming task especially when implementing coding best practices and including user libraries, which may impact a project’s time-to-market and overall quality. The Test Program (TP) Skeleton Generator provides a method for automating the creation of test programs for all EV-MST test platforms. With the help of the TP Skeleton Generator and its provided default test program templates, developers can elegantly complete the first step of test program development by completing one file (i.e., LimitSheet.xls) and largely avoid repetitive work, including test program structure building (i.e., product datasheet (PDS) files, test program files), reusable code writing, and common and custom libraries linking. In addition to the default templates, the full power of the TP Skeleton Generator can be realized by creating and using customized test program templates, which can include customer-specific libraries and coding standards. This presentation details the power, scalability, and flexibility of this tool with a special focus on the new enhancements introduced in version 4.0.