Lengthy RF test cycle times have long been the norm in production settings. Gated throughput and lengthier test times are often in large part due to measurements that require difficult inline or offline characterizations and processing to pull out useful data and final metrics to set meaningful production quality gates that are robust. As 5G and mmWave demand drives higher frequencies, increased functionality, and higher channel densities, achieving higher process throughput while maintaining traceability, accuracy and adequate test coverage are keenly important requirements. Key to these requirements is measuring the settling of a modulated RF carrier given programmed behavior that emulates the modulation standards 5G and mmWave testing presents in production. This presentation will explore reducing RF test cycle times by strategically employing the use of signal processing techniques, with a custom IG-XL DSP procedure. Using the Hilbert transform and pin list data handling to reliably establish start and ending points of modulation, signal level settling, frequency settling and detection of undesired signaling (glitches) we are able to standardize product functional verification.