Radio detection and ranging (radar) devices are everywhere. From cars to elevators, radar devices detect movement, and keep us from crashing into objects and objects from crashing into us. Radar technology is also used in smart industrial applications, such as the tracking, detecting and mapping of autonomous vehicles found in modern factories. Cost effective, advanced manufacturing techniques have led to radar devices leaving fabrication with antennas on the die, known as antenna in package (AiP). These AiP radar devices present unique test challenges that require a multi-site 60GHz mmWave over-the-air (OTA) test strategy. This presentation will discuss the Hyperion 60GHz UltraFLEX test instrument, as well as an octal-site 60GHz Radar OTA test solution. We will review the x8 DIB mechanics and tester configuration needed to support x8 OTA radar testing including the Hyperion 60GHz Instrument, HSD Protocol Aware SPI interface, and the UPAC and DC80 instruments for the UltraFLEX.