Digital devices continue to grow the need for vector memory. While scan patterns often consume the bulk of the vector memory used by a test program, functional patterns can still comprise a significant portion of overall vector memory. Teradyne’s UltraFLEXPlus UltraPin2200 and UltraPin2200+ enables memory sharing across 16 channels, and to further aid in making the best use of the instrument’s vector memory, IG-XL 10.30.10 is adding three new features that can reduce the size of a functional pattern. These features include two new pin setups, allowing the declaration of pins as input or output only through a pattern, which reduces usable states for pins while saving memory. Alongside these pin setups are two features to aid in implementing SCAN memory savings into parallel patterns easier, including a new syntax that aligns SCAN blocks to parallel vectors, and flexible scan, which allows the use of a subset of defined SCAN pins in each SCAN block. This presentation will give an overview of these new features, outlining how to use them, when they are most useful, and their limitations.