Delays caused by transmission lines bring unwanted effects particularly in critical timing tests where the specification ranges from a few nanoseconds to tens of nanoseconds. Teradyne’s MST2021B includes a new feature that enables HSD32 to support automated offset measurement, however for previous versions of MST the user needs to collect the offset manually, which is not reliable and therefore unacceptable in production. In this session, we’ll demonstrate a method for measuring Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) by repeatedly bursting a digital pattern that contains customized edgesets and a binary search algorithm to achieve a self-drive and self-strobe edge search process to acquire the offset value. It can be executed in UserInit so that it does not impact test time, and can be executed only once per hardware, with the offsets saved to a tdr file. It can be implemented on both HSD32 and UPD64 if the transmission line is valid to form the reflectometry. We also discuss pin to pin delay tests in a real-world application.