Time to market and remote debugging efficiency are two of the most common requirements for test engineers, especially given the events of the past two years. ATE platform software provides a consistent development and debug environment, and regular updates and enhancements but its development and quality assurance cycle time makes lower priority features or customizations hard to ontain in the short term. Teradyne has allocated dedicated application engineering and a software team devoted to designing and maintaining a suite of tools which enhances the test engineer’s experience and complements the core platform software. Over the past five years these tools have grown, starting from a few simple tools to a wide set of powerful tools and code extension libraries. This presentation will provide an overview of the main existing and upcoming tools, including the well-known TerMSTApp, MST TP Skeleton Generator, ShowTool, ShmooTool and Timelines, and their amazing new features. We will also cover recently deployed tools like the Remote Connectivity Matrix and Virtual Scope, focused on remote access to the oscilloscope, and provide a sneak preview of the soon to be released tools: Pattern Quality Assurance, Spike Check Automation, Advanced PinMap Entry, and ShowTool DutView reporting. Learn how to access these tools conveniently through the Productivity Tools Toolbar, as well as eKnowledge.