Teradyne’s PortBridge software provides widespread support for Serial Vector Format (SVF) files that customers have found very useful, however the one downside of this file format is it’s limited to JTAG. Most devices have a JTAG port but it’s also common to have other protocols like SPI, I2C or a proprietary format, and we have received requests from the field to provide the same SVF VBT interface, file support and debug tools for these other protocols. This presentation will discuss Portbridge’s new Test File solution, an XML-based format that can be used to teach PortBridge how to parse and execute files. Once loaded, PortBridge optimizes execution time, provides robust result retrieval interfaces and is a full feature debug tool. This suite of features helps the test engineer quickly take files from DFT/design and move them directly into a test program with no conversion steps needed, speeding up test program development while also improving feedback and communication with the design team when debug issues arise.