Workhorse 16-bit capture instruments on the ETS family of testers have traditionally been the APU and the QMS, which can capture up to 200 KHz on the ETS-800. The APU and QMS instruments have a 50 KHz and 100 KHz capture BW respectively. The UPD64 on the ETS-800 has a 16-bit capture rate up to 330 KHz and typical selectable bandwidths of 215 KHz and 650 KHz. In addition to a higher capture rate and BW, the UPD64 capture is capable of remote high/low sensing at the DUT for more accurate measurements. These features, coupled with an accumulator mode for instant results averaging and whereat function for threshold searching, means the UPD64 capture is the new standard for making fast, accurate measurements. This presentation will discuss how to take advantage of the UPD64 accumulator and whereat modes to reduce test time and increase parallel test efficiency.