The 5GNR standard brings new test challenges, higher frequency bands, wider bandwidth and a larger data stream. The structure of the mobile phone has also changed to adapt to these new technologies. This presentation will introduce test solutions for 5G IFIC and RFIC, and provide an overview of mmWave IC testing practices, including the structure of the new TRX device; which items are tested in the lab vs. the production environment; the differences between these devices and traditional transceivers; and how to test them with Teradyne’s instrument. For the IFIC, the modulation bandwidth is up to 400Mhz per component carrier and the data stream increases to more than 7Gbps per lane. This presentation will review how to source and receive the high speed data stream, and encode and decode the MAC and PHY. For the RFIC, beamforming makes the phase control more important so we’ll explain how to make accurate phase shift and phase delay tests.