The HV Probe solution is being developed to address the need for a flexible multi-site wafer sort solution with scalable current capability for discrete devices such as, but not limited to, MOSFETs. The HV Probe solution is comprised of a set of hardware modules and a code library to simplify programming the hardware and executing common discrete tests. This presentation, which complements another that introduces the HV Probe solution (Scalable Multi-site Discrete Wafer Test Solution), will focus on the basic functionality of the code library and how a user can set up an application program to integrate and use the library. One of the main objectives of the code library is to simplify writing common discrete tests via canned routines or functions. A few examples will be provided to show how this can be conveniently achieved. These canned routines save the test or product engineer time and effort to bring up a test program and enables them to focus on yield issues or improvements. Available routines will be enumerated and an explanation of the design of the library will also be covered to illustrate the advantage of such an approach.