Device test programs are highly modular and often share code and patterns with other devices within a family. Common blocks within these device families can be reused and do not need to be re-developed. Development time is greatly shortened if device data is reused as well. If test engineers can recycle both code and data from one device test program to another, entire blocks of tests can be transferred and simulated offline in a matter of minutes. IG-Sim in the Oasis toolset adds this functionality to IG-XL. Within IG-Sim, engineers can store information from the tester in an offline database, which adds device data to test programs. This prevents test engineers from repeating development and debug, as entire databases can be transferred to simulate new silicon with existing data. Program developers can use previous device records to perform regression testing with ease. Projects with limited tester availability benefit by having data available offline. This presentation will discuss how IG-Sim is a key addition to the device workflow for reduced time to market.